About Dee

Dee Daly, Nutritionist, Chef, Educator, Presenter

“The best tool to inspire people to eat healthy is flavour”

Dee combines her love of food and cooking with her nutritional background to show people that food can be both tasty and healthy.  She is passionately motivated by the positive impact food can have on your energy, health and long term well-being.   Dee has devised easy to implement strategies which assist people to easily and comfortably incorporate nutritious and ‘deelicious’ food into their busy lives.



Dee,  Nutritionist and chef

Dee translates nutrition into easy to take away principles, achievable by all.  Dee completed a 3 year diploma nutritional therapy (DipNT, mNTOI) and received her culinary training at Ballymaloe Cookery school.  However prior to this Dee completed a Business degree at TCD and post graduate studies in NUI Maynooth.  She then worked in a number of corporate roles in the UK and Ireland. This experience has given Dee a clear understanding and empathy for the challenges people face managing their well-being and energy in a demanding world.   Dee is currently studying for her certificate in Health and Wellness coaching.

Dee’s approach

We live in a world consumed with health scares and claims for this and that.  It really doesn’t have to be that way.  Dee’s energy and her supportive, real world approach whether at her cookery classes,  1 to 1 nutritional consultation or  corporate workshops have inspired people that eating healthy can be fun, tasty and sustainable.

Dee’s experience

With her unique mix of nutrition and cooking knowledge along with her corporate experience, compassion, enthusiasm and drive to engage , Dee has helped motivate her clients to make healthy behaviour changes with ease and enjoyment.

Cookery classes

Dee has given cookery classes to 100’s of people over the last 3 years.  This has included individuals , groups ,  corporate clients , schools, sports clubs, charities.  Both at her cookery school venue at Borlottie, on site with clients and to people in their own homes.

Nutritional consultations

Dee has gained broad experience working individually with clients to help them reach their nutrition and health goals.  This is further complimented by her health and wellness coaching as often with changes to diet it takes more then just the information to succeed.  Empathy, innovative, supportive strategies along with Dee’s food and nutrition knowledge have made this a positive and sustainable experience for her clients.

Presentations and Workshops

Dee has presented to many large corporates in Ireland over the last 2 years.  She has worked with a range of clients across a number of sectors.  Dee enjoys presenting nutrition information in an engaging, informative way.  She has provided corporate workshops on a range of topics. Dee also advises restaurants and company canteens on offering food that is both healthy and tasty.  Dee has also hosted a number of energy management retreats in France and Ireland.

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