Cookery Classes at Borlottie, IFSC, Dublin 1 & Baggot St, Dublin 2

Food that shouts Deelicious before it whispers healthy

At Cooking yourself healthy workshops you will learn about the nutritious benefits of certain foods but more importantly you will learn how to cook them in a way that wows your taste buds. These classes bring cookery and nutrition to life in a fun and engaging way.

For a lot of people eating healthy means rice cakes, steamed veg and brown rice. All very worthy and good for us but a little monotonous after a while. And boredom is one of the biggest enemies to healthy eating.

These workshops focus on quick and easy recipes. We learn how ingredients can be made so much more delicious with the use of different cooking methods, herbs and spices and flavourful additions.
We also learn new ideas for familiar ingredients as well as introducing new ingredients you have always wanted to try but were maybe a little wary of .

Q. Why learn to cook with Deelitefull ?

A. Wealth, Health and Fun

1. It will have a positive impact on your finances as you learn to budget and waste less.

2. It helps improve your health and well being and gives you peace of mind, as you have a better idea of what goes into your own meals. Take a look at the number of ingredients on ready-made meals. How many of them are unrecognisable? Eye-opening isn’t it?

3. Cooking can be relaxing and fun when you learn to approach recipes in the right way. No chef tantrums required! Recipes are designed for busy people with busy lives and are realistic about the length of time to prepare. Very few of us can actually chop an onion in 10 seconds! -Most importantly, learning to cook will give you confidence in the kitchen and a willingness to experiment


These workshops are suitable whether you are of “the can’t boil an egg” clan or a cook who has got stuck in a rut ,or someone who wants to cook more healthy but doesn’t know where to start.

Workshops take place in Borlottie, 4A Excise Way , IFSC , Dublin 1 and now* also at Borlottie, Baggot St upper on evenings or weekends check out our timetable of classes 

Customisable classes also available for team nights out, sports clubs, book clubs, Hen/stag parties, Birthday parties, Baby grow – for parent & toddler groups

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