Corporate workshops

Dees approach is to make learning about healthy eating practical, realistic and most importantly fun for everyone.

Its Dees belief that it is much easier to motivate adults in any form of habit change by making the process of achieving that goal both fun and engaging. Dee has taught workshops to 100’s of people over the last year. In some cases attendees may not have chosen to attend – their boss or HR dept has decided they should. So she fully understands the need to get people excited and inspired. Many progressive organisations have realised that a healthy workforce means a healthy and profitable business.


1. Off-site – Cook yourself Healthy – Team night cookery workshops at Borlottie, IFSC, Dublin 1 – An inspiring, interactive and inclusive team –building opportunity where cookery and nutrition are rolled into one . When, what and how you eat powerfully affects your energy levels, performance and productivity.  See nutrition translated to the plate at our engaging, fun and practical workshops . You and your team will learn tasty, practical  and healthy dishes that you will want to recreate again and again. Check out some of our testimonials here.

Theme can be customised to clients needs. Please contact Dee for detailed brochure on packages available.

2. On –site Healthy eating workshops on a variety of engaging and practical topics, can include simple recipe demos. This is great followed up with an off-site Cook yourself healthy workshop at Deelitefull cookery school in Borlottie, IFSC , Dublin 1.

3. Creating a nutritious environment at your office  more supportive of health and well-being –
Analysis of canteen offerings and work environment
Analysis of offerings in local eating outlets in vicinity of place of work
Analysis of offerings at meetings or away-days off-site
As both a nutritionist and trained chef, Dee can work with catering staff in all of the above to help them with simple menu changes that can make offerings more healthy without sacrificing taste

4. Lifestyle change & wellness support groups on-site:
Lifestyle change is much easier when we work with an ally or allies. Dee will facilitate on-site groups to help them craft the healthy and well life that they want. These can be general : Get healthy programs or more specific – Heart healthy, Weight loss etc.
Dee is trained in facilitating these meetings and group support can often result in very powerful change for people struggling with health and wellness issues.

5. Get healthy week on-site:
Dee can help coordinate a get healthy week on-site, creating a buzz around the office. These work best in collaboration with Get healthy champions on-site. Dee can bring in other wellness experts if a more complete programme is required.

6. On-site clinic
can be set up for one to one nutritional consultations and coaching. 087 236 8646
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