Nutritional Consultations

Dee is passionate about in the positive impact food can have on your health and well being, particularly the preventative role a nutritious diet can have on both your energy and  long term health.  Dee has  a particular interest in assisting people to be able to easily and comfortably incorporate nutritious foods into their busy lives

As well as her role as a Nutritional Therapist ,  Dee is has recently added to her qualifications  by training as a health and wellness coach.  This field focuses on coaching and working with clients to discover behaviours that will help steer them towards a healthier life.  As its often not lack of information that holds us back from a healthier life but ingrained habits and behaviours.

If you are struggling with a health issue and feel a nutritional analysis and overhaul could help.  Please get in touch with Dee to discuss and schedule appointment.  Dee provides practical, innovative,  real-world strategies.

Check out Kick start a healthy lifestyle package below to get idea of how Dee can help

Kick start a healthy lifestyle Package:

Firstly a 90 minute consultation provides  an in depth examination of your current lifestyle and eating habits.  This will identify areas which need improvement or adjustment.

As we all know will power is a finite resource .  from her experience Dee understands that it is also important to  explore the habits and strategies that will healthy eating changes really stick for you and your lifestyle.

1. 90 minute consultation

2. Making changes stick : Follow up sessions of 30 minutes each by phone or skype. (Usually 2- 4)

3. Food groups and 7 day food plan to kick start your healthy lifestyle

4. Recipes that will work for you

5. Identify habits to support your change and tools that will support that.

Further add – ons depending on your needs

Detox your pantry

Healthy shopping tour

Cookery class.

Further follow up sessions 087 236 8646
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